Pinpoint the pain of an injury with traditional acupuncture
Did you know many athletes use acupuncture for pain relief and performance.

'Grin and bear it' Brits need to pinpoint their pain
When it comes to pain nearly half of Brits just grin and bear it which could impact long term health and well being. 
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Beat pain with traditional acupuncture

Here are the Bexley Acupuncture Clinic’s top tips for managing musculoskeletal pain

1. Seek professional advice and get a diagnosis and treatment early.

2. Make sure you understand, in conjunction with your therapist, what your problem is and how best to treat or manage it.

3. Follow your rehabilitation plan carefully and consult with your therapist if you are unsure of what you are doing.

4. Avoid or at the very least be careful of, self-treating via internet information as some can be inaccurate and misleading. The wrong exercises can aggravate injuries and increase the pain and overall healing time.

5. Be prepared to work hard in your rehab and also be patient with your injury. The body takes time to heal, even with the correct diagnosis and early treatment.

6. When exercising make sure you warm up and cool down after the main exercise routine is completed. Bring the body back to its normal resting state with care. Make sure your warm up and cool down exercises are done with the same mental and physical focus as the main exercise itself. Don’t think of exercise as just going to the gym or playing sports, exercise can be gardening, walking the dog or physical activities at work too.

7. Posture is something all people should be aware of throughout their lives in all activities they do, both work and leisure. If you feel pain when doing an activity of any type or even when resting ask yourself why? Can changing position and correcting posture relieve the pain? Poor posture over a long time can be the cause of chronic pain in later life. Look after the body now in order to keep it healthy in the future. Get a professional practitioner to give you advice or asses your posture if you are not sure.

8. Moderate your exercise with appropriate rest. The body needs time to recuperate after activity, especially when recovering from any type of injury. Pushing the body too hard without rest will inevitably cause it to break down during your rehab or at some time in the future. Take into account your fitness level and age to gauge your exercise intensity.

9. Traditional acupuncture can help with most musculoskeletal injuries, its holistic diagnostic methods can help not only treat the initial injury and aid its recovery but also highlight underlying weaknesses which may help in avoiding further injuries in the future.

10. Don’t be afraid to try traditional acupuncture alongside other forms of treatment, it has no side effects and will only help speed up recovery if administered correctly.