Corporate Acupuncture

A workplace wellness plan is business smart

You provide your employees with everything they need to be successful in their jobs: the best technology, opportunity, and training. Have you thought about the physical and mental strains that come along with the fast pace of today’s leading companies?

A growing number of Companies are incorporating wellness programs for their employees, offering acupuncture either on-site or at our clinic is a superb addition. Giving your employees easy access to this beneficial treatment and keeping your employees motivated, focused, passionate and healthy is vital to the success of your business.

At the Bexley Acupuncture Clinic - We began with a vision: to provide high quality acupuncture care and make it accessible to everyone. Bexley Acupuncture Clinic provides your business with a powerful tool that will your decrease health care costs while increasing productivity, reducing stress and keeping employees focused on creating value for the company. By encouraging healthier lifestyles, businesses are creating healthier employees who will work more diligently and miss fewer days of work due to illness.

The Bexley Acupuncture Clinic can create a happier, healthier & more productive and thriving workplaces through holistic healthcare.

Happy, healthy employees make for a thriving business. Keep yours on-task, relaxed, and feeling well. Boosting their health, boosts your business! We are able to tailor a unique wellness program to suit both your company and your employees, keeping them working at peak performance.

Benefits to the employer:
• Increases productivity
• Decreases sick days through preventative medicine and optimization of patient health
• Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
• Effectively treats factors that decrease work productivity such as stress, fatigue, chronic pain and ergonomics
• Reduces short and long-term disability payments
• Promotes workplace satisfaction among employees, better team work
• Safe, effective and affordable treatment for employees
• Giving employees easy access to this beneficial treatment
• A unique wellness program to suit both your company and your employees
• Strengthens company profile as progressive and wellness oriented
• Creates a corporate culture that facilitate/promotes health
• Attractive recruitment benefit 

Benefits to the employees:

• Effectively treats acute and chronic conditions
• Reduced back, shoulder, neck tension
• Relief for the “mouse” hand and arm - treatment and prevention of repetitive strain injuries
• Less frequent/diminished headaches
• Reduced eye strain
• Decreased mid-day energy crashes
• Improves energy, creativity, concentration, focus, motivation and communication skills
• Cultivates leadership and teamwork
• Improves strength and flexibility
• Improves overall health and prevents illness, supercharges the immune system
• Reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue, pain or other chronic conditions
• More quality/restful sleep
• The ability to feel amazing during their workday from hands-on treatments
• Convenience of being able to take care of their health
• Services are more affordable than what a patient may pay in a clinical visit. Easily accessible 

Bring Wellnes To Your Workplace Today

The Bexley Acupuncture Clinic regularly holds health workshops on-site for companies in Bexley for groups of employees. We hold popular workshops that address health topics such as; stress management, stopping smoking, optimum nutrition etc... We ensure that all workshops are informative, interactive.

Acupuncture is ideal for a short office treatment. It is safe, simple, fast and effective. We administer treatment to relieve stress and fatigue, boost mood, improve clarity, focus, sleep and more.

Please contact us regarding your needs so we can tailor the right program or event for you.
Pricing structure will be tailored based on business size and desired # of treatment(s) expected per visit.