Womens Health

Gynaecology is one of the most understood aspects of Chinese medicine. This is principally because the menses gives us a great deal of information about how the body is behaving, on a regular basis!

We treat all manner of gynaecological issues, from first period to last, from menarche to menopause. Understanding women's bodies can be an intuitive process, and defining how a body is behaving according to test results can sometimes miss a significant part of the picture. We are subtle beings and the interplay between our emotions and our hormonal balance can be a fine balance indeed; one that can be all too easily tipped.

Modern life also takes its toll on how our bodies behave. It is impossible to underestimate the effect of the additives in our diet. That, combined with the stresses and strains of our busy scheduled lives, can have a strong influence on our hormone balance and hence impact on our gynaecological health.

Acupuncture for gynaecology is effective treatment for many conditions:

    • PMT, name your symptom(s)! acupuncture can help
    • irregular periods
    • amenorrhoea (absence of periods)
    • dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)
    • menorrhagia (excessive menstrual bleeding)
    • oligomenorrhoea (scanty bleeding)
    • dysfunctional uterine bleeding (mid-cycle bleeding)
    • endometriosis
    • ovarian cysts
    • PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)
    • fibroids
    • vulvodynia
    • vestibulitis
    • pelvic pain
    • pelvic inflammatory disease
    • headache
    • backache
    • fatigue
    • thrush
    • cystitis
    • urinary incontinence


Acupuncture for menopause is helpful for:

    • hot flushes
    • night sweats
    • irritability
    • insomnia
    • vaginal dryness
    • mood swings
    • depression
    • headaches
    • treating symptoms due to tamoxifen treatment

Menopause is a right of passage that can have a very strong impact on how a woman is feeling about herself and her life. We have a healthy respect for how important it is to move forward into this new phase of life with the strongest sense of self confidence possible. The symptoms and emotional swings at this time can be tremendously distracting and have an unhealthy over-ride in a woman's life. We strongly advocate the balancing power of acupuncture treatment at this special time.